6 Feb

NFL “1st and Future” pitch competition: the 2017 winners!


NFL “1st and Future” pitch competition has rewarded 3 start-ups working in the advancement of technology and athletes’ health.

VesaliuX President Dr. Bernard Harris was one of the panelists judging the startups.

The 2017 winners are, for the 3 categories:

Communicating with the Athlete: GoRoute

On-field wearable technology enhances communication and allows players to receive digital play diagrams.

» Training the Athlete: Mobile Virtual Player

‘Virtual players’ — motorized tackling dummies — reduce the risk of getting injured while tackling during practice.

» Materials to Protect the Athlete: Windpact

A padding system that absorbs and disperses impact energy to improve the performance of helmets and other protective gear.

On the photo, the WindPact team receives the $50,000 award.

The other 6 startups participating were:

  • Elevety, Toronto, Canada – Bringing voice communication to spectator sports. The technology would allow teams to communicate anywhere without a mobile network.
  • Linkpro,Jersey City, Channel Island, U.K. – Their helmet allows users to communicate with specific groups through a one-touch system.
  • The Iron Neck, Austin – The helmet-like device is designed to help defend against concussive forces and rehabilitate previous injuries.
  • LVL, Austin – Sensor technology to give an athlete’s status for hydration, muscle effort and exertion, heart rate, speed and concussion markers. L
  • 2nd Skull, Pittsburgh – Headgear designed to reduce impact. The soft, flexible and breathable cap fits under football helmets to provide added protection against impact.
  • Prevent Biometrics, Minneapolis – A head monitor that detects concussion-causing impacts in real time.

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