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Goals & Mission

Our overall Mission is to conduct research, to develop policies in action and to invest in programs that address the critical issues facing America in education, health and wealth. Specifically, the Institute advocates to:

  • Enhance the quality of education
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Create and Sustain wealth
  • Fostering leadership and citizenship

Our Goal is to raise individual achievement by deliberately promoting six principles:

  • Encouraging education in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics
  • Motivating youth to stay in school
  • Promoting optimum health
  • Building financial skills
  • Instilling the values of responsibility, fairness and respect
  • Fostering youth leadership and citizenship
Former NASA Astronaut Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr. speaks to classroom

The Education Mission of the Harris Institute/Foundation is to "enhance the quality education" by enabling youth to develop and achieve their full potential through the support of educational programs, particularly science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics – STEM and STEAM.

The Health Mission of the Harris Institute/Foundation is to "Improve health and wellbeing" by creating and implementing strategies/programs for wellness, fitness and health.

The Wealth Mission of the Harris Institute/Foundation is to "Create and Sustain wealth" through enhancing the financial intelligence (FIQ) of individuals and their families by educating people of the basics of finance to meet their and the communities' economic needs.

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The Harris Institute believes that by focusing on these three areas, students and communities can be prepared now for the future through structured programs that utilize positive role models in these three key areas. The Institute works closely with the Harris foundation to:

  1. Empower youth to develop their potential and pursue their dreams;
  2. Partner with communities to provide optimum health and wellness and;
  3. Secure futures success by teaching financial skills and entrepreneurship.
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