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Road 2 Readiness

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The Harris Foundation has created a college and career readiness mobile app for Apple iOS and Android that prepares students in grades six through eight with the knowledge and skills necessary to be college and career ready, called "Road2Readiness" (R2R). After successfully deploying it into middle schools on phones and other mobile devices, the app is now ready to expand into high school. It focuses on four key areas identified by EPIC, the Educational Policy Improvement Center. These are: Key Cognitive Strategies (THINK), Key Content Knowledge (KNOW), Key Transition Knowledge & Skills (GO) and Key Learning Skills and Techniques (ACT).

Road 2 Readiness A
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The development of R2R is a unique opportunity to reach digital natives with the college and career readiness skills needed to reach success beyond high school. The app will support middle and high school students in setting and meeting their individual goals, while also exposing them to STEM professionals and career ideas in a fun and collaborative environment. Further, the tool provides teachers and parents with a platform to engage their children in relevant conversation about the future.

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